Engage with companies dedicated to your business objectives

Through years of open collaboration, our extensive network of industrial distributors, system integrators and value-added resellers has gained in-depth knowledge of CribMaster solutions and best practices to help manufacturers achieve immediate and long-lasting value.  

CribMaster partners share our commitment to technology solutions that improve indirect material management, save time, lower inventory costs and provide customers with peace of mind.

Industrial Distributors

Distributors partnering with us equip customers with CribMaster’s market-leading industrial vending, tool control and RFID-enabled solutions, powered by the advanced CribMaster Inventory Management System software. They offer the knowledge and tools to improve indirect material handling across your enterprise:

  • Cost-effective, efficient vendor managed inventory
  • Streamlined supply chain management
  • Reliable inventory processes to keep stock levels lean yet avoid stock-outs
  • Lower administrative costs, with better command over procurement

Our distributors can become fully involved in the implementation process, with capabilities to fill many roles in the design, deployment and administration of your solution. 

System Integrators

Close relationships between our distribution and integration partners enable them to deliver comprehensive support for your CribMaster environment. System integrators provide the technical expertise to ensure the deployed CribMaster solution functions as expected, and all aspects of the implementation suit your organization’s needs:  

  • Site survey and network assessment
  • Hardware and software installation and configuration
  • IT support for RFID, wireless and bar coding solutions
  • Integration with ERP, HR and other business-critical systems
  • Layout design for the manufacturing floor
  • Report customization
  • Training for IT staff and end users

Value-Added Resellers

CribMaster value-added reseller (VAR) partners combine detailed product knowledge and industry expertise with a manufacturer’s business perspective:

  • Consulting services to solve problems or define improvement opportunities
  • Solution design to improve material tracking and employee accountability
  • Component selection to match your storage and security requirements
  • Hardware and software customization
  • Dedicated customer service with long-term support

CribMaster develops industry partnerships focused on providing the ideal solutions to reach your operational goals. Find the right partner for you.