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Give your workers the right tools and supplies they need, when and where they need them.
CribMaster’s range of vending machines & tool control solutions gives your workers 24/7 controlled access at the point of use.

CribMaster is the global leader in inventory and asset management solutions for industrial environments. 

Our PPE, consumable and asset dispensing machines are driven by a powerful software platform. The customizable settings restrict access by worker, product type and quantity designed to help you run your site in a safer, smarter and more productive way. Click here for more.

Optimise your supply chain management through sound business intelligence.
You could reduce waste and save 25% - 40% of costs associated with indirect material management, essential in the unrelenting drive towards efficiency & lower costs at manufacturing facilities today. 

Manage, track and control your inventory. Transparent, customizable reports help you ace audits, ensure compliance, understand your real workflow to get rid of deadstock and low-turn items so you only forecast inventory levels based on actual demand. Click here for more.

Reduce time spent looking for misplaced or lost tools. 
CribMaster’s RFID solutions allow you to manage, track and locate assets around your entire facility. This complete visibility and control improves FOD/ FME compliance. Click here for more.