Make the right Move

Implement unparalleled inventory management and automated dispensing solutions


24/7 Inventory access AT THE POINT-OF-USE

By automating inventory dispensing, supply chain management, procurement, re-stocking, and compliance management, CribMaster saves logistics and distribution companies millions in labor, regulatory fines and inventory costs

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Accountability & Productivity

Enable process improvement by creating a culture of accountability and compliance for each asset. Eliminate theft, hoarding and waste while saving substantial labor and scheduling costs. Reduce walking time to the storage facility, make sure all supplies are at hand to see your productivity rocket in an accident-free environment.

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Improve your supply chain management

Keep your inventory and costs under control by having full visibility into enterprise-wide spend and price variations across different suppliers and job sites. Configure and auto-generate replenishment POs, and use real-time information from vending and tool dispensers for accurate usage counts.

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Transition to leaner inventories by eliminating slow-moving items and the risks of stock-outs. Know exactly how much you actually need in stock at all times.

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Ace Your Safety Audits

Track inventory items by user, location or cost centers. Schedule and manage maintenance requests and work orders. Use database records to track appropriate worker gear, supplies or tools

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MANAGE Your outsourced contractors

To ensure compliance, management needs an effective way to monitor contractor performance. By adding each worker’s details to the same CribMaster software that tracks your inventory and assets enterprise-wide, plants can automatically tie contractors to all the supplies and tools they check out.