Consumables are some of the most difficult items for a company to keep track of. Manual usage reporting can be inaccurate and inefficient. Orders based on rough estimates can sometimes leave you short and other times have you carrying too much inventory or inventory you’ll never use.

At CribMaster, we’ve engaged with many customers across a wide range of industries to deal with these problems, taking the time to understand exactly what each customer’s issues are and how best to solve them. We build this expertise into our solutions, giving you the visibility to precisely monitor and control each item’s consumption.

Take a look at our most popular solutions for consumables management.


SolutionTechnology# of SKUsSecurity LevelFootprint

CM Client

Software at the storeroom tracks all scanned transactions



For the efficient management of your high-use supplies

ScaleUp to 86 per ModuleMediumModular


Expandable, electronic locking drawer system for consumable and durable inventory

BarcodeUp to 1000LowSmall


Manages the distribution of hundreds of items with a small footprint

CarouselUp to 560HighSmall


Enables cost-effective management and control of a wide array of high-use inventory

CoilUp to 70HighMedium


Manages any type of inventory in a centrally located tool crib or storeroom environment

LockerUp to 24HighSmall


This list represents only a small selection of our available products, all of which are scalable, customizable, and configurable. If you have additional requirements around consumables, the CribMaster team will work with you to choose the right solution to best suit your needs.